Building renovation

TP Costruzioni is a dynamic company that can adapt quickly to specific customer needs; in fact, it is essential to have extreme versatility in performing renovations in non-optimal conditions, such as buildings of the historical centres.

We are able to perform our work while preserving, where required, the original substrate of old buildings and using appropriate materials and modern technologies to execute to perfection the work commissioned.

We at TP Costruzioni have all the certifications required to perform works at heights, to install life-lines and to assemble scaffolding. When operating in complex conditions, such as in old towns or historical centres, we can select the most economical solution to perform the work, always keeping the best safety standards in full compliance with regulations.

Among the most important renovations carried out by our company, we like to mention the restoration and renovation of wooden floors of a nineteenth-century building and the waterproofing by means of a resin coating on the roof of an early twentieth century apartment building.

As for the execution of structural work, we point out the consolidation of a villa dating back to the early twentieth century, with the installation of poles and steel rods.

Our main references are located in Sanremo, Bordighera, Ventimiglia, Taggia, Imperia and the nearby French Riviera.


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