Resin Linings

Although resins were developed for industrial use, today they are also a practical solution in residential environments, where they are used for coating and decoration of floors and walls due the many benefits they offer. Resin presents a reduced thickness, excellent wear resistance, long life and low maintenance. Furthermore, it is possible to customize surfaces with ornaments and artistic decorations that can be either handmade or photographic. In its simplest variant resin coating appears similar to cement; however, it has a significant lower weight and thickness. The resin floors are laid on the concrete screed substrate or are overlaid on the existing floor, with a base of self-levelling and sealing resin casting, thus imposing no limits to the imagination for the final procuct.

The thickness of the resin is very small (only 2.4 mm), the coated surface is smooth and even, without joints or seams, so it is ideal to keep out dust and microorganisms.

Resin lining is an excellent, alternative to tiles; it is resistant to water and humidity, and its surface is washable and functional; these features can be expanded with specific treatments making this lining suitable for special environments such as kitchens, bathrooms, showers, swimming pools and saunas, in which it prevents the proliferation of molds and bacteria.

Any ornament and decoration, both artistic handmade and on photographic support can be embedded in the resin body and covered by a layer of final shaving. The finish can be glossy or matte and may hide or highlight a specific feature.

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