Stone Coverings

Natural stones enhance the walls with shapes, colours and effects making them an excellent choice for stylish environments. In a stone wall, the various sizes and positioning of the stones give harmony, movement, depth and value to the final product.

The use of natural stone coverings and floors (especially Luserna stone) is therefore widely used in quality constructions that are built to last.

In realizing our coverings, TP Costruzioni prefers to use natural stones from local quarries, since they correctly blend with the surroundings and with the nearby buildings.

The local stones usually come from the quarries of Verezzo and Badalucco, that have the best material quality and a more appealing look.

In addition to classic wall coverings and floors, we at TP Costruzioni are able to execute natural stone decoration anchored to supports in metal trestle.

Our main references are located in Sanremo, Bordighera, Ventimiglia, Taggia, Imperia and the nearby French Riviera.


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