Waterproofing Works

Using both resin and traditional materials we at TP Costruzioni make waterproofing works on flat and pitched roofs, of civil and industrial roofings, balconies and terraces, roof gardens of car parks and wet areas (kitchens, bathrooms, pools, saunas).

The coverings are subjected to numerous stresses such as weather, sunlight and exposure to chemical pollution; moreover seasonal temperature changes cause movements of the support and induce considerable stress to the waterproofing. For this reason, especially for renovations of old roofs with special finishing (rich in detail and with very irregular shapes) it is preferable to use the resin in order to effectively protect the building against water infiltrations.

Following polymerization, the resin forms a waterproof coating of exceptional performance and long life. The reason for these performance lie in the typical characteristics of the resin, in the reduced thickness and in the different application technologies.

Furthermore, it is simple to waterproof details as skylights, chimneys, emerging pipes, or to renovate the coating without removing the existing one (hence costs, inconvenience and the dangers of demolition are considerably reduced) by applying the new waterproofing to the old surface.

Thanks to its elasticity, to its ability to adhere to glass and other materials and to its capacity to maintain transparency for many years, resin may also be used to waterproof glass surfaces which suffer from water seepage or partial cracking.

Our main references are located in Sanremo, Bordighera, Ventimiglia, Taggia, Imperia and the nearby French Riviera.


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